OLYMPIA MUSICA Paris 2024 - CD Compilation Promo


"Olympia Musica Paris 2024 Sport and Art to promote and develop Culture and Health"

It is a UNIQUE project of its kind, it is a format dedicated to the energy of music and the vigor of sport, born from an idea by Mirco Galliazzo in 2012 as a tribute to the London Olympic Games.
Then came the events surrounding the Rio 2016 edition and the Tokyo 2021 games and today we are ready to pay tribute to the 2024 games which will take place in Paris in France!

Visit: http://olympiamusica.blogspot.com/

A synergy that involves dynamic realities and associations from the artistic, communication and sports sectors, at the forefront of which is the Artisti No Limits Association (A.N.L. for short) with its record labels, the Creative Lab and other sports, cultural and of social promotion..

The Mission intends to highlight the values, vitality, dynamism and vigor of sport combined with the energy, rhythm and expressive quality of music.."

In collaboration with media partners:
Artisti No Limits - Rockitaly - Musica folly - Virgin Musica - Italy Events - Euromusica Tv - Best Musica Magazine - Playlist Radio Network - Best Music Contest - Best Magazine - Best Star Magazine - DeFox Records -
Euro Musica - Veneto Rock - Strillo Strano - National Archive of Italian Rock Music

Festivals and partner events:
VenetoRock Festival - Bacchiglione Beat Festival - 80's Italian Metal Legion Festival - Best Music Contest - Olympia Musica - ANL Countdown - Roarrr Rock Festival

šŸ’„ The CD is not intended for sale and digital streaming will be available on a free platform for a Project with Promotional purposes!